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Their colleagues, supporters and friends!
We strongly count on your support for a noble and responsible cause!

Via this petition our idea is not only to save Radio Bulgaria but also to make sure that this multi-lingual outlet, unique in Bulgaria, will realize its potential by getting the chance of optimization and development abreast of the latest trends in online information platforms. Bulgaria and the Bulgarian National Radio deserve this! We are going to work for this cause and will be looking forward to feedback from institutions on how the status of Radio Bulgaria could remain stable and independent of short-sighted decisions.
We need your urgent support for the efforts of editors, journalists, translators and institutions against this destructive act which is incompatible with the interests of Bulgarian society and statehood!
Unknown at home, open to the world
Established in 1936 and reaching audiences in all parts of the globe – from Australia and New Zealand, through Europe and the Middle East, all the way to Latin America and the United States – throughout its history Radio Bulgaria has incessantly worked for the promotion of Bulgarian history, culture, tourism, folklore, classical and contemporary music abroad while at the same time presenting a balanced look into current developments in Bulgaria and the Balkans.
The people, the talent
One of the pioneers of the radio station was the prominent Bulgarian diplomat, film producer and filmmaker, theoretician of art, writer, translator and radio journalist Petar Ouvaliev (aka Pierre Rouve). It is Radio Bulgaria that has given to Bulgarian culture a few brilliant translators including Ventsislav Nikolov, Spas Nikolov, Ludmila Petrakieva and many others. One of the Bulgarian National Radio directors general after the democratic changes in this country, Alexander Vladkov, was also related to the station. And, among others, the emblematic voices of Radio Bulgaria included actor Dzhoko Rosich and the journalist with an international career Ralitsa Vassileva.
Top class music and folklore
Via Radio Bulgaria audiences across the world have become familiar with many acclaimed Bulgarian musicians and composers, the breath-taking Bulgarian folklore, the country's top athletic achievements that we all take pride in.
The new millennium
Back in 2004 it was the content of Radio Bulgaria programs that provided the basis of the very first website of the Bulgarian National Radio. The website was highly appreciated by juries including foreign experts and won a few professional prizes. Upon the 2012 termination of shortwave transmissions in English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Serbian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish and Bulgarian the audio content of Radio Bulgaria continued its dissemination exclusively on the internet (with the exception of Turkish broadcasts that were preserved for the Turkish minority in this country only). Since then and to the present day, this media outlet has been managed incompetently and short-sightedly and instead of developing its impressive potential, several directors have worked to close it down. Furthermore, in a complete oversight given the importance of keeping an open communication with the communities in the Middle East, and despite the protests of journalists, the Arabic section was finally shut down in 2016. From 1 June 2017 based on a proposal of the Director General Alexander Velev and the respective resolution of the BNR Managing Board the online audio content of the multilingual outlet was terminated. With this Radio Bulgaria has ceased to be a radio and thus risks losing not only its audience but its profile as well.
Radio Bulgaria will be subjected to full restructuring which is going to liquidate the foreign language sections by merging them with the internal news flow of the BNR gateway which will be presented with foreign-language versions in English, Russian and Turkish only – without generating autonomous content targeted at foreigners, and without the possibility to perform its basic function.
What we see happening is a process of liquidation of national, state structures working for Bulgaria's national interest. In the context of the 2018 Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union the Bulgarian state is about to lose its only official mouthpiece in several languages. This is how Bulgaria will no longer be part of the world in German, French, Spanish, Serbian, Greek and Albanian, as well as with the specific content for the Bulgarian Diaspora abroad, irrespective of the wishes of our audience, and the foreign and geopolitical importance of Radio Bulgaria as a medium with global coverage.
We need your urgent support for the efforts of editors, journalists, translators and institutions against this destructive act which is incompatible with the interests of Bulgarian society and statehood!