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The number of languages for the content produced by Radio Bulgarian should be coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Policy Committee at the National Assembly and the President of the Republic, in compliance with the foreign policy priorities of the country.
Alexander Velev
BNR Director-General
A quote from the concept of Alexander Velev presented to the Bulgarian Council of Electronic Media in connection with the election of a director general of BNR, May 2016.
Ladies and gentlemen, we believe that the decision whether to have foreign-language content produced by the Bulgarian National Radio or not, how many languages there should be and in which languages is not an administrative prerogative of this or any other management of the BNR currently in office, but is a matter concerning the foreign policy of Bulgaria, its security in the long term.
Radio Bulgaria
Editorial Committee
An open letter to Bulgarian institutions sent by the editorial staff of Radio Bulgaria in connection with the plans of BNR director general to close down the outlet after June 1 2017.
We should respond to a changing information environment. Years ago when we let Radio Bulgaria remain after 10 November (1989 – the start of democratic changes in Bulgaria) key sources of information included radio, television and newspapers. Today, anybody looking for information about and from Bulgaria can find it from diverse sources. And it has turned out that radio is not even the most preferred source…
Alexander Velev
BNR Director-General
BNR Horizont Channel: an interview with BNR Director-General Alexander Velev and Daniela Konstantinova, Chairperson of the Editorial Committee of Radio Bulgaria, broadcast on 1 June 2017.
No conditions are available to amend the license of Radio Bulgaria broadcasting abroad in foreign languages.
Council for Electronic Media
Legal statement dated 6 June 2017
BNR Director General Alexander Velev has demanded an amendment to the license that would leave only Turkish language transmissions while for the rest of foreign-language programs the status quo will remain, i.e. their dissemination exclusively online.
The BNR Director General has been trying – by means of an agile slalom between the texts of the law to skip the obligation of creating programs for the world and to obtain the right to decide on his own, respectively via the managing board, how to act after a possible amendment to the license.
Ivo Atanasov
Member of the Council for Electronic Media
In the commentary “Radio Bulgaria – in Turkish only?” dated 4 June 2017 Council for Electronic Media member Ivo Atanasov expressed concerns over a demanded amendment to the license as a way to annihilate the foreign language sections of Radio Bulgaria.
We fully support the stance presented in the open letter of the editors from Radio Bulgaria, namely that “the decision whether BNR should produce foreign language programs or not is not an administrative prerogative of a single management of BNR appointed for a fixed term of office, but is a matter of Bulgaria's foreign policy, as well as of its security, in the long term.”
Open letter
Union of Bulgarian Journalists
Union of Bulgarian Writers
The Bulgarian Translators' Union
Association of the Spanish Speaking Journalists in Bulgaria
Association of Francophile Journalists in Bulgaria Europe and the World Foundation
In a message to 15 leading public institutions, 6 professional and public organizations have voiced their explicit objection to the unacceptable actions of BNR Director-General Alexander Velev aimed at shutting down Radio Bulgaria.
Radio Bulgaria is an official media outlet to the world. Ambassadors and other senior foreign officials can trust this information because it is checked…
In its philosophy Radio Bulgaria presents the country as an investment and tourist destination…
Daniela Konstantinova
Chairperson of the Editorial Committee of Radio Bulgaria
Разговор с Даниела Константинова, председател на редколегията на Радио България и създателят на първия сайт на БНР Борил Караиванов в студиото на еМисия България, на телевизия BiT.